This information, provided by Mike Steffancin, SSCC Physics and Engineering
Many of you have probably heard of "clickers" or "classroom response systems". They are small remotes that students use to enter answers to questions posed to them by their teachers. They can be configured so student answers are recorded in an spreadsheet. They can be used to take attendance, to test student understanding of a topic just covered, for quizzes, to encourage participation and discussion etc...Basically, they are another active learning tool for instructors to use. 
South has 3 sets of clickers for faculty to use. These clickers were purchased with the old Title III grant and the ANAPSI grant several years ago.


  1. Two sets of 35 clickers will be available for checkout from the library along with a laptop that has the required software. Another laptop with the software is available for checkout in the BATS (Basic and Transitional Studies) office.

  2. Another set is used for physics and engineering and is sometimes available for checkout as well (ask Mike Steffancin).

Data projectors can also be checked out if your classroom doesn't have one.

The software to use the clickers costs $99 for 2 installs so we would like faculty to try them this term using one of the 2 laptops listed above first, then if you find this is something you want to use next term, you could get your department to spend the $99 to have the software installed on the PC in your classroom during the break between terms. Then you wouldn't have to lug around the laptop to each of your classes that you use the clickers in. If you want the software installed, ask IT to install the Actionpoint software and the USB drivers for the RF host. They will know what to do.

You can learn more about using these devices in the classroom at many different websites: