(OLY) Olympic Hall

  1. Turn on the equipment you need to use. Typically we start with the PC but it could include the DVD or VHS player, as well
  2. With the remote control, turn on the Data Projector (click the power button while pointing it at the data projector on the ceiling)
    • Let it warm up (approx. 2 minutes)
    • Select your input (display) source:
      • Input 1 = computer
      • Input 2 = DVD
      • Input 3 = VHS
  3. To connect a Document Reader device with a switch next to the PC.
  4. If you need sound, turn on the audio receiver and select Input. Control volume with large round knob on far right of receiver
  5. Each device is controlled with the buttons on its face. PLAY, PAUSE, FAST FORWARD, etc. DVD Menu Buttons
  6. The lectern LCD screen input is controlled by the Source button.  It cycles through PC, VCR, DVD and TV (no tv signal).  It is independent of the data projector.
  7. When finished, please ALWAYS turn off the equipment, especially the data projector as its bulbs are very expensive. Thank you! ;)