Frequently Asked "Media Services" Questions

  • Q: What media services and equipment do you provide/manage?
  • A: Audio Visual Equipment support - this includes projectors (see types listed to the right), DVD players, VCRs, Cameras (video/still/document), Audio recording, Sound Systems, TVs, DVD/CD Duplication, "Event" lighting (not room lighting) - and we provide for 'short term check-out' (at the Library Media Desk) portable DATA projectors, laptops and document cameras for instruction. 
  • Q: What about computers?
  • A: Computers, network connections, software and logins are the responsibility of IT Services.  For assistance email SSCC's IT Department at sscchelp@sccd.ctc.edu
    Using email is the quickest way to get support
    ), (206) 764-5844

  • Q: Who should I contact when a bulb goes out on a projector?
  • A: Ken or Adam (use phone or e-mail information to your left and be sure you can describe the type of projector and its location)
  • Q: If I need media equipment in a room, how should I begin getting it requested?
  • A: Contact Ken or Adam (use phone or e-mail information to your left)
  • Q: How many types of projectors are there?
  • A: View this page, please