How student-populated Canvas courses are created ...

  1. Canvas Certification Required

    SSCC faculty wanting to use Canvas in any modalities for their courses, (face-2-face web-enhanced, hybrid or fully online), are required to successfully complete  State board's training or South's Canvas Essentials training - or demonstrate competency in all areas described in the training syllabi - which is sometimes the case if you've taught with Canvas elsewhere. Contact a TLC Associate for details and instructions regarding training or demonstrating competency.
  2. SMS information must  associate the teacher to their course(s)

    The Student Management System (SMS), also known as a Student Information System (SIS), is a database used to administer and manage all student-related business functions for the Washington State community and technical colleges.

    Canvas-certified teacher is hired by a dean and then that dean (or program manager) updates SMS (a district database) with the course item number(s) and the associated teacher's EIN (Employee ID number). This is a required step that associates an official Canvas shell and its roster with the teacher's Canvas account at a later point in this course creation process. This step is not done by eLearning staff -- only the hiring manager/dean and SMS person in their program can do this step.
  3. Request (student-populated) Canvas Course Shell(s)

    The Canvas-certified teacher, or their hiring manager/dean, at this time (until we're fully automated), must submit their course item number(s) (and cross-listing of rosters, if desired) to eLearning using this form. Doing so sets into motion the following:
    • eLearning verifies district-shared "Canvas certified" list for confirmation of certification. If that list does not show the teacher as certified, we also communicate with our TLC Associates and Canvas trainers to learn if the teacher is "in training" and their estimated time of completion.
    • Once approved, a request of our Canvas SMS/SIS integration is made to create the course shell(s) requested. Currently, this step takes 1-2 business days (after registration for that quarter has begin) for the request to be fully processed -- and is managed only by eLearning Director and LMS administrator, Sara Newman
    • Canvas' SMS/SIS integration process searches for the course item number, associates the teacher listed in SMS (and their EIN) and creates the student-populated Canvas course shell(s) under the assigned teacher's Canvas account. 

      In the meantime, Canvas faculty should be using their (self-created) master Canvas shells to manage their course work.
      When their live (student-populated) shell(s) become available they can then copy/import course materials easily in to the live shell(s).

    • Canvas adds and drops students based upon the student's status in registration, only. In other-words, when a student gets added, or gets dropped in registration, SIS/SMS integration will cascade this data to Canvas and drop (or add) them there, as well.  

      SMS data queries happen automatically every day and updated hourly 

Verifying your official, student-populated Canvas Shell(s)

Two weeks prior to the start of the quarter, all official student-populated (fully online, hybrid and web-enhanced) Canvas course shells are made available to their assigned teacher(s).

You're a canvas-certified instructor and you've been told your official Canvas course shells are ready and waiting for you. Here's what you should do next ...
  1. log into Canvas,
  2. hover your Courses tab (in your top menu bar)
  3. click your "view all courses" link (found at the bottom of your Courses 'drop down' menu)

   Official course titles have the following parts in their name(s):

  • Course Number (i.e. ART210)
  • Course Name (i.e. Computer Art)
  • Course Item Number (i.e. 0027)
  • Abbreviated Quarter and Year (i.e. S13)
  • and a Unpublished "hammer" icon at the end which indicates it's unpublished
   Check your Instructor Briefcase (IBC) roster for each class by doing the following:
  1. From within Canvas, click on your official student-populated course
  2. Click Settings (bottom-left column)
  3. Click the Users tab and check to see if your Canvas user list correctly reflects your IBC roster

    Your IBC tools are not in Canvas. To access IBC you us
    e your (EIN) Employee ID number and PIN as issued to you by your hiring manager

    Important note: All Canvas user lists (rosters) are updated automatically every day on the hour, adjusting for adds and drops that occur in registration via SMS/SIS integration.

If you're not finding what you're expecting, contact your eLearning Canvas Administrator immediately for assistance:

How students are made aware of their Canvas course(s) 

  1. A "New to Canvas" Student will not know of their Canvas course unless their instructor contacts them about where and how to login
  2. A Student "With Prior Canvas Experience" will already know where and how to login to Canvas. However, until the teacher "publishes" their course, the student cannot see their course(s).

    "BEFORE" A CANVAS COURSE IS PUBLISHED an instructor can communicate with their students using an email software/account (outside Canvas).  Registered student names and email addresses are listed in the teacher's online "Instructor Briefcase (IBC)".

    "AFTER" A CANVAS COURSE IS PUBLISHED an instructor can use their Canvas Inbox to send messages to registered students. Review this Canvas Guide for steps.

    IMPORTANT: Students MUST have their best email listed in their campus profile -- PLEASE HELP ALL STUDENTS KEEP THEIR INFO UPDATED -- Otherwise they will not be able to login to Canvas or other campus related tools.