End of Quarter (Steps)

The quarter is coming to a close. What steps should you be taking?

Important end of quarter steps
Canvas courses conclude based on their course end dates.  When a course concludes, it enters a Read Only mode for its users.  Course end dates can be found under your course settings.  Within the selected course, 
  1. Click the Settings tool.
  2. Click the Course Details tab.
  3. Click “Edit Course Details”.
  4. Change the End Date and check the box next to “Users can only participate … dates”.
  5. Click “Update Course Details”.

Student Course Conclude:

When a course concludes for students, the course will move from their Active Course Menu to their Prior Course Menu.  To enter the course, they will need to click on “View All Courses” under the course menu or use the Grades link. 

They will no longer be able to submit assignments, post discussions or utilize Canvas tools within that course.  They can still see their assignments, course resources, feedback, quiz results and grades.  It is important to take steps to protect course information you do not want students to continue to have access to after the end date.

  1. Before your course concludes, DOWNLOAD a copy of its grade book (SCORES/GRADES) to your computer.
  2. EXPORT a copy of your course materials to your computer. You can remove extraneous information at this time but I usually keep everything (discussions, submitted assignments)
  3. IMPORT your exported course materials into next quarter's live shell. This is when I toss last quarter's discussion replies and submitted assignments.  You can adjust events and dates at this point, or later, easily.

To create (as many as you'd like) Master shells  do the following:

  1. Go to your Canvas account's main page stream (known as Recent Activity).
    You can get their by clicking the top left college logo/image.
  2. On the bottom-right side of your screen, find and click a button called "Start A New Course"
  3. Using a naming convention for your master/practice shells, like the following example, will help you easily tell the difference between a live "student-populated" shell from a master/practice shell.  Example: (Master) CSS 010 Legal Issues Rights

    FYI ~ There are other methods for moving course materials like "copy this course" but we're finding buggy reviews so we recommend avoiding Canvas' "Copy This Course" feature, at this time.
Please contact any of our wonderful TLC Associates for an appointment before the quarter concludes, if you'd like any additional help with your Canvas tools.