Course Evaluations

Move from the old way of gathering student feedback to the new way, online!


We can all help save time and trees by using the quarterly course evaluation district web application. Avoid those horrid tiny pencils and manila envelope packets of course evaluation papers -- not to mention the hours of work your division staff puts into typing up all your student's comments.

District has continued to improve our course evaluation web application and it's super easy to setup. You can even customize your course evaluation questions.

As always, this course evaluation tool is available to all face-2-face and online course types.

To find answers for questions like, "How often am I required to have my courses evaluated", "Who sees/reviews my course evaluations?" and more, use your Outlook login to access and order your evals ASAP.

Have questions about evaluations? Contact our District Faculty Development Coordinator at 206.934.4103

Extra Credit lesson to get student's incentivized!

A broadcast-ed message from SSC's eLearning Instructional Designer, Tom Gibbons, to all faculty at South on February 24th 2016

I’ve just shared an assignment in the Canvas Commons that provides a way for students to submit a screenshot of their evaluation interface on MySouth to show that they have completed the course evaluation for a class in order to earn a few points of extra credit

I’ve used this sort of assignment in the past and I get a very high rate of return on my student evals. Is it bribery to grant extra credit for completion of evals? Maybe a bit. But in the age of excessive surveying, you have to have a way to cut through the static. And, it’s an expression of the value that you place on their formal response to the course

You can see a screenshot of the full assignment here (not very accessible, I know, but it’s one of the only ways to do this). 

You can search the Canvas Commons and find the full assignment for import if you would like to use/adapt it in any way. 
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