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CAN8 - Setting Up Your Audio

Place your headset comfortably on your head, move the mouthpiece near your mouth and nose.  Then open your CAN8 application and go to a lesson with sound in it for you to test.

Check your volume controls in the following three places: Headset, Computer Systems Tray, CAN8 Application

HEADSET "volume controls" on its CORD?

  1. Take a look at your headset cord and see if it has a volume (and/or mute) control, too.
  2. The headsets we use on campus have a volume control that holds batteries but we don't use them.
    However the control features on it still work (batteries only amplify the effect) ~ so you'll still want to check the controls to be sure they're turned on and up.
  3. Adjust its volume and/or mute, as needed.

  Your Computer's SYSTEM [sys] Tray

  1. Check the settings on your computer first by double-clicking on the small speaker icon.

    Located in the bottom-right corner of your computer's monitor screen (the system [sys] tray).
  2. A Volume Control Menu should pop up on your screen, if you've clicked it correctly .. you MUST double-click the icon to get this menu.
  3. Look for your Microphone controls. Are they visible?

    If not follow these instructions:
    2. Scroll down the menu that pops up and check the Microphone option
    3. Select OK
No Microphone controls?

Select Options Properties

Select Microphone OK

UNCHECK the Microphone Mute box!

    1. Now you should see your Microphone control.
    2. Also, be sure the "mute" box associated with it is NOT checked.
    3. Adjust your microphone volume, as needed.

The APPLICATION CAN8 has a Volume control, too.

  1. The last place to check is within the application's "lesson", itself.

  2. Open a lesson and locate the volume button, found in the top right corner of a lesson's screen.
  3. Click on the speaker button to reveal CAN8's volume control.
  4. Adjust the volume by click and dragging the color up and down, as needed.

If none of the 3 listed above techniques work try the following:

  1. Get yourself a different headset or move to a different computer.
  2. Then let your instructor know if there's a concern we need to report to SSCC's Computer service.