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Transitional ESL

Transitional ESL classes prepare non-native English speakers for college transfer or technical/vocational courses. The course work upgrades students’ ability in reading, vocabulary, grammar, and academic writing. Courses in pronunciation/speaking/listening and note taking are occasionally offered.

Transitional ESL is offered at two levels. Initial placement into either ESL 095 or ESL 097 is determined by scores on the COMPASS or ESL COMPASS college placement exam, administered by Student Assessment ServicesStudents are retested in writing and grammar during the first week of classes to confirm or adjust the initial placement.

The following ESL COMPASS cut-off scores for initial placement into Transitional ESL went into effect winter quarter 2013.

ESL 095 College Preparatory English for Non-Native Speakers: Writing I

ESL COMPASS cut scores:

  • Grammar 74 to 82
  • Reading 74 to 82
  • Listening 70 to 74

ESL 097 College Preparatory English for Non-Native Speakers: Writing II

ESL COMPASS cut scores:

  • Grammar 83 to 90
  • Reading 83 to 90
  • Listening 75 and up
Students who score a 91 or higher on the ESL COMPASS Grammar and/or Reading tests should take the non-ESL COMPASS test for placement into English classes. For information on these tests, visit Student Assessment Services.