I-BEST/Career Training

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South Seattle College offers career training programs designed to accelerate students toward in-demand jobs at living wages, even for students who have not yet finished the traditional ESL, GED, or other pathways to college. 

I-BEST Training Programs (GED and ESL Level 5 students)

I-BEST programs accept GED, Adult Basic Education, and ESL Level 5 students who want to quickly find a job with living wages and opportunity for advancement. South Seattle College offers I-BEST training programs in:
  • Home Care Aide (learn more)
  • CNC Machining
  • Maintenance and Light Repair (Automotive--anticipated January 2017)
On-ramps to I-BEST (ESL Level 4 students)

On-ramps to I-BEST prepare ESL students for I-BEST training programs by specifically teaching the reading, writing, vocabulary, and other skills associated with a given job. You can get the on-ramps to ESL flyer here. All ESL Level 4 classes are on-ramps, and they include:
  • ESL 4 Healthcare Careers
  • ESL 4 Trades Careers
  • ESL 4 Business/IT Careers
  • ESL 4 Academics
ESL for College and Career Foundations (ESL level 1, 2, and 3 students)

In our foundations classes, students learn the English and computer skills needed to explore careers, prepare for training, and find a path to a successful career. These classes include:
  • ESL 3 College and Careers
  • ESL 3 Digital Literacy
  • ESL 3 Academics
  • ESL 2 Academics and Digital Literacy
  • ESL 1 Academics and Digital Literacy 
For more information about our training options, contact any of the people below.

 I-BEST/Career Training Contact Information
  Career Pathways Coordinator    Teresa Romaneschi   (206) 934-6835