High School 21+

Adults who lack a high school diploma now have a new way to get a second chance. It's called High School 21+, and it allows students to earn high school credit by completing coursework in our Basic and Transitional Studies division. It's less expensive than our traditional Adult High School Completion program, and graduates earn an actual diploma rather than a GED or other certificate.

Who is eligible?

Students must be 21 or older, lack a high school diploma, and attend an orientation session where they qualify to receive services from our division. Students must also score at an eighth-grade reading level on the assessment test given during orientation. Students who score below that level can enroll in Adult Basic Education classes to help them improve their scores, but that coursework does not count toward the completion of their diploma. 

How does High School 21+ compare to the GED and the traditional Adult High School Completion program?

High school 21+ provides another option. Unlike the GED, High School 21+ awards actual high school diplomas. Unlike the traditional Adult High School Completion program, High School 21+ costs of $25 per quarter instead of hundreds of dollars or more each quarter.

High School 21+ also gives students credit for things they already know. Students who provide documentation of career training, college-level coursework or other competencies can have that experience evaluated for credit toward their diploma.

What classes are available?

Students take classes based on any gaps between their high school transcripts and the graduation requirements established by the Washington State Board of Education. Available coursework includes:

  • US History/Washington State History
  • Current Affairs
  • Civics
  • Language Arts 
  • Science
  • Lab Science
  • Health
  • Basic Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra/Geometry
  • Career Pathways
  • Fine Arts
  • Physical Education

Students also fill gaps by providing evidence of prior-learning, such as professional certifications, college transcripts, or other documentation. 

How do I get started?

There are two things to do. First, call 206-934-5363 to sign up for an orientation. Orientations take place before our fall, winter and spring academic quarters and typically are scheduled in September, December, and March. Second, contact the last high school you attended and request an official transcript. You do not need to have your transcript in hand before you attend orientation, but you want to make the request as early as possible so we can figure out how to best put you on a path to your high school diploma and future success. 

For additional information, contact any of the people below.

High School 21+ Contact Information
  High School 21+ Advisor    Kara Schwartz   (206) 934-5392
  High School 21+ Faculty Coordinator    Jane Harness   (206) 934-6625