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low land high

Low Land High is a new and upcoming band from right here in W. Seattle and featuring one of our own employees and student. Check out their website at http://www.myspace.com/lowlandhigh
Featuring former members of Evangeline, Painted Hills and Overwhelming Colorfast, the band formed on 9/9/9 at Slims Last Chance in Seattle. 

BEN JONES - Grillmaster, Pedal Steel Hacker, Liver Damage, Sagitarius, Mama Tried.

DAN REED - Plays drums well enough that he has continued to play said drums for well over 20 years. Dan spent 6 years with SF Noise Popsters OVERWHELMING COLORFAST, as well as stints in Quitters, Inc, Texylvania & Nooky (an all female tribute to Kiss). Dan spends most of his free time today looking for excuses not to practice.
Dan enjoys Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Roxy Music and Ramones. These bands have influenced his style, demeanor & mostly, his solid sense of fashion.

CHIRS CLINE - Plays the guitar, sings and devises clever tricks to get the drummer to practice.

TRACY CILONA - Hails from the rich terrain of north jersey, where she played bass in the mess of mental illness and hormones that was NJ's Motor Dolly. After attending one funeral too many - she and her black heart hit the road, accumulating a life's worth of debt on academic validation. Vowing to never get involved with another musician again - she promptly married a hilariously dark-hearted, unemployed guitar player with a cat, on a cold and rainy halloween night in 2007. He knows she could never live without Patti Smith, X, Morrissey or the Late Great Marvin Gaye.