Reporting Trouble

Last updated on January 26, 2012

Below is the Technical Support Escalation Path (link to a word doc is also included at the end of the post). Please take a look at these procedures and use them when requesting support when ANGEL is not working properly.

1. Call Presidium Tech Support 1-866-425-8412 (Toll free)

2Required information you need on hand to provide technical
    support personnel:
a. Course ID number (WAOL ID number if applicable)
    b. Course name
    c. Username
    d. The path taken to where the error is occurring
    e. A copy of the error message
f. Name of browser and version
    g. MAC or PC and version

3. If Presidium is not able to assist you then escalate (email) your
    request for assistance to SSCC eLearning Coordinator,
    Sara Newman at Sara.Newman@SeattleColleges and
    Janice Lonergan at 
nclude your Presidium ticket number and
    the information as listed in step 2 (above).

    All of the above information is required before a ticket is opened
    in the ANGEL Support Center
. The technician needs to be able to
    replicate the problem so they can turn around and fix it.
Browsers that support Angel

What's not considered an ANGEL problem and shouldn't be reported? 

Questions like, "I Need to learn how to accomplish something in Angel (for example, setting up grading criteria, etc.)".