STUDENT Resources

NOTE: In Spring 2013 we will no longer be using ANGEL as an LMS. We WILL be using Canvas.
Please check your Course Listing to make sure your class is taught using Canvas

User ID: Your Student Identification (SID) Number

Password: The first SIX letters of your last name  
(lowercase, ignore punctuation and spaces, repeat until you have 6 letters)

  • Ex 1: Jill Who-Needsit = whonee (drop hyphens)
  • Ex 2: Sam Jameson = jameso (only first 6 letters)
  • Ex 3: Mildred Sing Song = singso (no spaces)
  • Ex 4: Lily Sand = sandsa (repeat last name till you have 6 letters) 
  • Ex 5: Lang Fa = fafafa (repeat last name till you have 6 letters)

    Please check your Course Listing to make sure your class is 
                                taught using Canvas

                Canvas RESET PASSWORD - INSTRUCTIONS
  1. From your campus' Canvas login page, click  Reset My Password 
     - this is located below the 'stay signed in' checkbox on the login page.
  2. Type in your email address and click the Request Password (button). 
    Your  most current email address must be on file with your campus 
  3. Canvas will immediately email you with resetting your
    anvas password information

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