Browsers & Plugins

What browsers, browser versions and plugins are supported/required by WAOL's ANGEL Learning system? (WAOL's technical requirements)

Description: ANGEL® is designed to support the widest variety of client-side operating systems and client-side browsers through its limited use of client-side technologies. 

Applicable Version(s): ANGEL, all versions

AOL is currently not recommended for use with ANGEL

Resolution/Workaround: While ANGEL products generally function well in many browsers, the following are supported and tested:

    * PCs running Windows OS: Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox3
    * Macs running OS X:  Firefox

Testing is performed on the latest generally available version for the above platforms and browsers with each General Release of ANGEL products, ensuring full support after 60 days of manufacturer’s release.

Issues that are identified with a supported platform or browser can be submitted for troubleshooting. We will tell you whether the issue can be resolved by ANGEL or if the manufacturer’s support capabilities are required.  Identified fixes are implemented and released via ANGEL Monthly Updates

Example "screenshot" of someone using a home computer and ANGEL's SYSTEM CHECK advising the user of what it's found on their computer as plugins that are available  and those that are missing and should be downloaded (added) to their computer for optimal performance.

When troubleshooting an issue, ANGEL may ask that users upgrade their browsers to the most current versions to help alleviate some problems.

  • Full functional testing is done on generally available major versions of browsers with any revision/minor versions released being reviewed for further testing if known issues are identified specific to a revision version.  Also note that standard procedure for QA testers is to keep browsers current so that general testing done by the QA team is done on most current versions, including latest revisions.  We also make efforts to keep a prior version available for test comparisons when needed.

  • Some older browsers by default do not provide support for the LiveConnect module that is required for ANGEL LIVE functionality (introduced in LMS v7.1).  This is currently not supported with newer versions of various web browsers on a Mac.  For instance, the Firefox browsers on a Mac do not have support for the LiveConnect module.  If the user has one of these or similar web browser configurations you should instruct them to download the LiveConnect module from  Please refer to knowledgebase article for more information.